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Aug. 27th, 2007

being cute


During the day, Courtney's pillow is Fisher's domain. For a small wiry cat he has a talent for stretching himself out and covering most of it. When Courtney and Melinda come in, he's sprawled across the pillow with his back end turned one way and his front the other, the one front leg stretched out into the air. He opens his eye to watch them and yawns lazily, but does not move otherwise. You can both just get your own damn pillows.

Apr. 2nd, 2007

full face

(no subject)

Aloysius is very distracted these days, worrying over Courtney and looking for a way to calm and reassure her parents or, alternately, brainwash them into seeing his way. When the cat hobbles in and informs him Melinda is coming by, he just gives a vague grunt-and-nod response.
Fisher finds his way out with the help of the house goblins and sits primly on the porch, waiting for Melinda. The front door is hanging ajar now, letting bugs in and out, because goblins don't understand the need to close a door behind them any more than cats do.

Dec. 24th, 2006

being cute

OOC Christmas Carol

((Okay, so we're watching Mickey's Cannibal Christmas (also known as Mickey's Christmas Carol, but come on man, ducks eating turkey? I always harrass Bridgie about it), and we started casting for the Crumrin Christmas Carol.
Scrooge: Aloysius Crumrin
Crachitt: Fisher (D'you know how many kittens I've got? I only get paid one mouse a week and that's just not enough to take care of all those kittens. Or all those mrs. Fishers, for that matter. Aloysius: We need to get that cat fixed...)
Fred: Courtney Crumrin
Belle: Alice Crisp (Or possibly Hermia, for a weird twist.)
Jacob Marley: Aloysius' brother (He must have had one, since he's the great uncle...)
Christmas Past: Calpurnia Crisp (smacking sense into him...)
Christmas Present: Skarrow
Christmas Future: the Twilight King

Yeah, we're on crack, but just you wait. I bet Morri'll be casting the Dark City christmas carol any day. I vote Ratty for Bob Crachitt.))

Dec. 12th, 2006

being cute

mice and crickts pls!

my xmas stockingCollapse )

Nov. 16th, 2006



I have livcejourna;
not good for easting but
good for this!

Nov. 14th, 2006

just standing

a New Home

Courtney hears her father cursing downstairs when he gets the paper, and the door slamming. Everything goes calm again quickly, and when she does get up it’s a very ordinary scene, with her father reading the paper in the living room.
“Uh… everything okay, Pop?” Courtney looks around the room cautiously.
“Hmm? Morning sweetheart. How are you?” He asks pleasantly, but doesn’t look up from the paper. Typical.
“I’m… okay. What was the yelling about? Was the paperboy hitting on mom again?”
“Hunh??” He blinks at her. “Err… There was some kind of stray… thing trying to get in the house. Probably rabid. What did…?”
“Ha. Gotcha. The paperboy’s a woman. Go back to the sports page.” She grins and heads for the front door.
He looks relieved, and goes back to reading warily.Read more...Collapse )
full face

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